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Best Practices

IR Best Practices: Between Bond Sales

Most debt program communications are centered around the bond sale; but investors desire information throughout the year, between bond sales, to best inform their investment decisions. BondLink created this document to help you understand what you should be doing between bond sales for your IR Program.


IR Best Practices: Around the Bond Sale

Preparing for an upcoming bond sale requires a lot of work and time; from coordinating with the rating agencies to structuring the bonds and so much more. An often overlooked, but vital component of bond sale preparation is informing and engaging investors to increase demand ahead of the bond sale. This document will give you best practices for using the BondLink Platform to optimize your IR efforts around your sale. 

When to Announce A Bond Sale to Maximize Investor Interest

We analyzed hundreds of bond sales that were announced through our platform over 18 months. Our goal was to understand if issuers like you could increase their buy-side engagement with a longer announcement period before a sale. In the report, you’ll learn the optimal time to announce your bond sale, what valuable investor activities you can increase, and how timeliness impacts your cost of borrowing capital.


Enhanced Investor Outreach Improves New Issue Pricing

The supply and demand dynamics driven by investor relations have been conceptually understood for years but largely overlooked by researchers. Kalotay & Associates partnered with BondLink to quantify the true value of stronger investor outreach on new municipal issue pricing. This report uncovers the average improvement issuers experienced after committing to enhanced investor outreach with BondLink, and what new issuers could expect by committing to a similar program.

User Guides

Investor Outreach

Our Investor Activity Tool allows you and your team to send tailored alerts to your investor base. This functionality is key to creating a strong investor relations strategy and developing ongoing relationships with important investors. Because you’re able to craft your own message and offer more insight into the newly posted material, the alerts sent from the Investor Activity Tool are an effective way to distribute detailed messages.


Virtual Roadshows

Investor Roadshows are a great way to promote your bond sale, and BondLink offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help give investors the information they want, the way they want it. These resources can even be used to create assets for rating agencies, budget presentations, and more. Check out this document to see how simple it is to create your next virtual roadshow with BondLink.

Investor Activity

Our platform captures thousands of data points on your site visitors and presents them at any level of granularity you prefer, from individual actions taken to broad statistics about the content visitors liked most. This data can fuel deeper investor relationships to strengthen your entire investor outreach program, and it’s only available with BondLink.


BondLink Beginner's Guide

Whether you're just starting out on the BondLink platform or simply need a refresher, this guide will cover the basics of the platform. Use this reference guide when you want to update or add additional content to your IR Site.


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Document Manager

The BondLink platform allows you to securely and confidentially store documents through a cloud-based tool in your BondLink Portal.

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Financial Printing with BondLink

We’re proud to offer financial printing solutions to all of our clients. Our services combine one-on-one work with a team that brings more than 25 years of experience printing municipal documents with the unrivaled support you expect from BondLink. Learn how to take full advantage of this feature and start saving on your next financial printing jobs now.


More Transparency Leads to More Investor Engagement

We analyzed years of investor activity across hundreds of our issuers’ investor relations websites to answer two questions:

1 Can municipal issuers benefit from more investor engagement by enhancing disclosures?

2 If so, which disclosures generate the most investor activity?


Communicating a Change To Your Sale

As markets move and unexpected events occur, you may find that changing the date of your sale or other details about your offering are necessary. Here, we offer some best practices for keeping investors up-to-date on your latest offering details to ensure you maximize participation on your sale date.