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BondLink is the trusted technology partner to finance officers all across the country. Issuers of all sizes and ratings have turned to BondLink to lower costs, streamline treasury work, and drive investor demand in bond sales.


How BondLink Connects Issuers to More Investors

BondLink’s debt management platform is sole-source: we are the only company in the muni market helping issuers engage more investors. We couple our technology with a full-service support team, led by a former issuer, which becomes an extension of your finance team from Day 1.

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Learn how other issuers are being proactive to realize savings and efficiencies across their bond programs.

Issuers across the country are being impacted by the economic fallout of coronavirus, and many will face ratings downgrades. Bond investors are also now being much more selective and are undertaking more due diligence ahead of a bond sale. Issuers can be proactive to this more challenging bond market environment. Issuers who leverage technology to share more financial reports with the market throughout the fiscal year, engage investors ahead of a bond sale, and raise awareness of a financing with non-traditional investors like local residents or constituents will give their bond programs a major boost.

Check out this short presentation on how an effective IR strategy can help any issuer overcome the bond market’s new challenges & risks.

Investor Websites

Bond investors helped design how our IR websites work. With clear information, simple navigation, and customizable features, it’s no wonder leading issuers trust BondLink to power their digital outreach to the bond market.

Leverage easy-to-use technology to alert the market to a sale, identify existing bondholders, track investor activity, and monitor P.O.S. engagement. BondLink issuers price with an edge because they’re better connected to the market and are more aware of investor preferences.

Investor Intelligence & Analytics

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Fundamentals of Muni Investor Relations

Finding Value Between Bond Sales

BondLink 101: Learn About Our Platform

Presentation by Tom Paolicelli, 20+ years of muni experience as former Chief Deputy Treasurer, County of San Diego and Executive Director, New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority.


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